ECOC 2023 Invitation | ATOP 800G Series Optical Transceivers Debut in Europe

ATOP is thrilled to announce our participation in the highly anticipated ECOC 2023! We cordially invite you to visit our booth 106 at the ECOC exhibition in Glasgow, Scotland from Oct. 2nd to 4th. During the event, we will be presenting our cutting-edge solutions, including the 800G series and tunable optical transceivers. With our expertise in delivering innovative products, our goal is to bring about changes in the industry and advance optical networking.

【Grand New Products Launch】

We will launch a range of new products, including the 800G SR8, 800G 2*FR4, and 800G AOC. These innovations are designed for Ethernet, data center switches, and data center interconnects, aiming to meet the ever-growing demand for computational infrastructure. They provide robust support for capacity expansion and architectural evolution within data centers.


There are over 1.3 billion fixed broadband users worldwide, with over 50% of users already using FTTH. PON is an important system for providing high-speed internet, and its technology greatly reduces the cost of network construction and maintenance compared to traditional networks, with its usage continuing to rise. At this year’s FTTH exhibition, ATOP also showcased PON series products, including GPON OLT, XGS PON OLT, XG COMBO PON OLT, XGS COMBO PON OLT, GPON ONU, and XGS PON ONU etc. As an important component of broadband access network architecture, they play a crucial role in providing users with high-speed data and video services, providing on-demand network construction advantages based on specific network requirements, helping customers reduce network construction and maintenance costs, and building green networks that are energy-efficient and reduce emissions. The following diagram can give you a quick understanding of the application of ATOP’s PON modules in broadband access network architecture.

Product Features:

●OSFP and QSFP-DD packaging optional

●Options for MPO16/APC and Dual MPO12/APC connectors, accommodating a wider range of cables

●Maximum power consumption less than 13W

800G OSFP SR8 100m Transceiver | Atoptechnology

800G QSFP-DD SR8 100m Transceiver | Atoptechnology

800G OSFP 2*FR4

Product Features:

●OSFP and QSFP-DD packaging optional

●Maximum power consumption less than 16W

●Options for Dual Duplex LC and Dual CS interfaces, accommodating a wider range of cables

800G OSFP 2*FR4 2km Transceiver | Atoptechnology


Product Features:

●DSP and LPO solutions optional

●OSFP and QSFP-DD packaging optional

●Supports low-power scenarios, with single-end power consumption as low as 4W

●Low latency, achieving picosecond-level delay time, suitable for scenarios with high latency requirements

800G OSFP LPO AOC (Active Optical Cable) up to 50meters | Atoptechnology

800G QSFP-DD AOC (Active Optical Cable) up to 50meters | Atoptechnology

【Intelligent Manufacturing, Co-Creating the Future】

ATOP has established a 30,000-square-meter intelligent manufacturing base, which not only supports the manufacturing of 100G-800G optical transceivers but also provides a solid foundation for the design, development, and manufacturing of products such as 1.6T optical transceivers. The ATOP smart manufacturing base not only signifies a leap in production capacity and quality but also serves as a benchmark for the development of industrial intelligence. Through the smart manufacturing platform, we have achieved an agile chain from demand to delivery, offering services like “one-click ordering” and rapid customization, assisting you in achieving goals like cost reduction, power consumption reduction, and technological upgrades.

We welcome OEM/ODM/JDM collaboration in fields like high-speed optical transceivers, optical devices, and PON. Through co-creation and innovation, we aim to bring more possibilities to the industry. You are warmly invited to visit ATOP’s booth 106 at ECOC 2023. Esteemed senior members of ATOP’s team will also be present at the event. They are eager to engage with you in discussions on how the advancements in 800G technology are contributing to unleashing unparalleled computational power in the era of AI.

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