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We are the leading manufacturer of optical transceivers, design and produce a variety of optical solutions for wireless communication, transmission networking, data centre networking, and cloud computing.

We have a long and significant experience in production of optical modules for telecom networks with a reputation for product quality, consistency, and value. Many leading telecom carriers, cloud service providers, and data centre operators have relied on ATOP’s optical products and expertise for their network operations.

We are also a certified supplier for many global telecom equipment manufacturers providing integrated solutions for 5G, cloud data centers, and fiber optical networks.



For data center networking and cloud computing, ATOP optical solutions include 800G OSFP, 800G QSFP-DD, 400G QSFP112 400G QSFP-DD, 100G QSFP28, 25G SFP28, and 10G SFP+ covering a wide range of networking applications. ATOP also has a comprehensive range of DAC and AOC cabling solutions, which are versatile, easy-to-deploy, and energy efficient with high-level compatibility for data centre servers, storage systems, routers and switches.

For transmission networking, ATOP offers CWDM, DWDM, LWDM, and BIDI solutions with data transfer rate from 155Mbit/s to 100Gbit/s in a variety of packaging including QSFP28, SFP28, SFP+, XFP, and SFP. Our products are designed for telecom operations to perform under tough industrial conditions. Our products have passed all critical compliance and quality tests with internationally recognized certification.

For wireless communications, ATOP optical solutions encompass CPRI/eCPRI transceivers for 5G, 4G and other wireless applications. All our products are designed for wireless operations to perform under tough industrial conditions with outstanding EMI shielding to fulfil the demand for higher density.

Our wireless solutions have been widely deployed in front-haul, middle-haul and back-haul networks of many leading telecom carriers around the world. Among our transceiver products, 10G DWDM and 25G DWDM are most popular with our telecom customers for their 5G front-haul deployment including small cells.

For broadband access solution, ATOP offers XG Combo PON, XGS Combo PON and XGS PON in a SFP+ housing. All our products are designed for broadband operations to perform under tough extra conditions, and have passed all critical compliance and quality tests with internationally recognised certification.

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