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10G & 25G DWDM High Density Optical Transmission Solution

ATOP DWDM technology delivers the most scalability and reach for fibre networks, providing you high density optical transmission solution.

DWDM technology has the advantages of higher density, higher speed and higher capacity. 10G DWDM SFP+ is wildly applied in transmission and wireless front haul networks. And 25G DWDM SFP28 is the strategy products for many ISP to chose for 5G front haul and back haul networks.

ATOP DWDM transceiver lead the industry through ages. There’re over million pcs DWDM optics delivered annually to worldwide ISP, enterprise and power networks.

I-Temp Support

Advanced EMI Prevent

Low Power Consumption

Fast Delivery

Rich link budget

Our clients

Ultra link budget DWDM SFP/SFP28 support Telstra to build the longest optical network in Australia.

Verified by Deutsche Telekom for it Access 4.0 platform Provide high speed internet and cloud service.

Support Chunghwa Telecom to build a new era of 5G.

Our Products



10G DWDM 40km

Package : SFP+

Date Rate : 10G

Reach : 40KM

Case Temp. : C/I

dwdm mux

10G DWDM 80km

Package : SFP+

Date Rate : 10G

Reach : 80KM

Case Temp. : C/I



25G DWDM 10km

Package : SFP28

Date Rate : 25G

Reach : 10KM

Case Temp. : C/I


25G DWDM EDC 30km

Package : SFP+

Date Rate : 25G

Reach : 30-40KM

Case Temp. : 0~70C

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