ATOP Showcases Its Highest Efficient Data Center and 5G Networking Solutions at ECOC 2019

ATOP Technology, a global leading supplier of fibre optical transceivers, is showcasing its latest 5G and Data Center networking solutions at the booth #301, ECOC 2019 (European Conference on Optical Communication) in Dublin, Ireland.

ATOP’s Data Center networking solutions features their low power consumption and high efficiency of 25G LR, 25G ER, 25G BIDI, 25G CWDM, 25G DWDM and100G LR4 (100G QSFP28), which is targeted to server-switch intra data center and 5G networking links.

Jack Fan, ATOP CEO, said: “Data Center and 5G technology is already making a big impact in our life, I believe that continuous innovation is a unique characteristic of meeting the increasing demands for network bandwidth. ATOP has the deep understanding of the telecom industry and people, and ATOP is creating the long-lasting customer partnerships, working together with them to identify telecommunication industry’s needs and provide solutions that fuel their future success.”

ATOP world-class Data Center and 5G networking solutions have been wildly used by global networking equipment manufacturers, telecommunication​ service providers, and data centers., which enables them to scale their networks more efficiently, increase control over their network, and reduce capital and operating costs.

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