800G Multimode Optical Transceiver-Your Choice for High-Speed Interconnection in AI & Data Centers

As the AI era advances, the demand for computing power has sharply increased. Data centers also have growing needs for bandwidth, capacity, and lower latency, driving the development of faster network speed, and prompting a surge in demand for 800G high-speed optical transceivers.


There are over 1.3 billion fixed broadband users worldwide, with over 50% of users already using FTTH. PON is an important system for providing high-speed internet, and its technology greatly reduces the cost of network construction and maintenance compared to traditional networks, with its usage continuing to rise. At this year’s FTTH exhibition, ATOP also showcased PON series products, including GPON OLT, XGS PON OLT, XG COMBO PON OLT, XGS COMBO PON OLT, GPON ONU, and XGS PON ONU etc. As an important component of broadband access network architecture, they play a crucial role in providing users with high-speed data and video services, providing on-demand network construction advantages based on specific network requirements, helping customers reduce network construction and maintenance costs, and building green networks that are energy-efficient and reduce emissions. The following diagram can give you a quick understanding of the application of ATOPu2019s PON modules in broadband access network architecture.

ATOP 800G OSFP/QSFP-DD SR8, complies with the IEEE 802.3ck-defined 800GAUI-8 standard. It adopts OSFP/QSFP-DD packaging and is specifically designed for use on multimode optical fibers for 800 Gigabit Ethernet links. The product features 8 independent electrical signal input/output channels, each operating at a speed of 106.25 Gbps, with a maximum supported transmission distance of 100 meters. It is applicable to AI, data centers and 800G Ethernet, with typical application power consumption as low as 13W. The DSP adopts 7nm process with mature chip flow and reliable performance.
800G Multimode Optical Transceiver-Your Choice for High-Speed Interconnection in AI & Data Centers

Top Performance

Optical Advantages

The innovative optical path design balances high coupling efficiency while reducing the impact of reflections on both the transmitter and receiver ends, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the 800G SR series multimode products.

TX: VCSEL coupling efficiency 78%; ORL greater than 49dB

RX: PD coupling efficiency 86%; ORL greater than 25dB

Optical Path Design

Stability and Reliability Advantages

The 800G OSFP/QSFP-DD SR8 has successfully passed the adaptation tests of the Keysight 800G Traffic Analyzer, with uninterrupted service during 72-hour full-load traffic tests at the port, and no packet loss or errors at the equipment ports. It demonstrates stability and reliability in performance tests such as device soft and hard restarts, and hot-swapping of ports.

800G OSFP SR8 test data

800G OSFP SR8 eye diagram

800G OSFP SR8 2024 OFC Live Demo

Join us at booth #1615 in the San Diego Convention Center during the 49th OFC in the USA from March 26th to 28th, 2024. We’re excited to showcase our latest products and exchange cutting-edge technologies with you. Don’t miss the opportunity to see firsthand our innovative 800G OSFP SR8 optical transceiver live demo. Additionally, ATOP’s chief scientist, R&D director, and other senior management will be available to discuss how 800G technology can revolutionize AI and high-speed interconnections in data centers, unleashing unparalleled computing power.
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