Get Ready #Madrid, ATOP is Bringing Cutting-Edge Optical Technology to the FTTH Exhibition!

Get ready #Madrid, ATOP Corporation is bringing its cutting-edge optical technology to the FTTH Conference and Exhibition on April 18-20th, the worldu2019s largest fiber broadband summit!

The upcoming program will showcase a range of expert workshops, conference sessions, and keynote speeches delivered by over 100 speakers, including C-level executives and industry specialists. Additionally, attendees can explore a two-day exhibition featuring over 120 exhibitors and major players in the fiber ecosystem.

We’re thrilled to present the expert insights of Dr. Toshi K. Uchida, Chief Scientist of ATOP Corp., who will share his vision for the next generation of PON at FTTH Conference. With over 1.3 billion fixed access broadband subscribers worldwide and more than 50% already using FTTH, PON is a crucial system for delivering high-speed internet. But what’s next? Join us for an exciting glimpse into the future of passive optical network (PON) technology!

Speaker Nameuff1aDr. Toshi K. Uchida

Speaker Titleuff1aChief Scientist, ATOP Corporation

Presentation Titleuff1aOptical Transceivers for the Future PON

Time: Thursday, 20 April, 10.00 u2013 10.30 CET

Location: FTTH open exhibition theatre

ATOP is a Silver Sponsor and you can expect to see a lot of our presence at the event. We can’t wait to showcase our latest optical modules and solutions at booth S03. Come visit us and discover the full potential of your network with us!

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