Embarking on a New Journey: Key Milestones of 2023 and Strategic Insights for 2024

Despite the strong demand in the data communication market driven by the demand for artificial intelligence, the weak macroeconomic environment in 2023, the slowdown in the construction of 5G and 10G PON, and the challenges in the geopolitical environment continued to adversely affect the optical module industry. In the face of the industry’s economic downturn and tightening demand, ATOP has actively adjusted the company’s strategy, internally strengthened the foundation, and improved the R&D capability, to prepare for the company’s development and strategy in 2024.

The commissioning of the Malaysian factory in 2023, the launch of 400G and 800G new series products, and the development of new products including silicon photonics, LPO, and CPO products, have laid a solid foundation for ATOP’s development. At the same time, we actively explored the market, grasped the opportunity brought by the growth of arithmetic demand of data center in the era of AI big model, made a significant breakthrough in the data center market, and gained a large share in Tier 1 data center customers, breaking through the strategic goal of the market proportion of data center products. Looking back on this year, ATOP defied challenges and moved forward firmly. In the face of adversity, we rose to the challenge and achieved a series of breakthroughs. Now, let’s review this year’s journey and big events together!


Chapter 1: 2023 Company Big Events

ATOP Malaysian Factory in Operation

In April, ATOP’s manufacturing strength was upgraded, and the Malaysian production base was put into operation, adding new impetus to ATOP’s development.

There are over 1.3 billion fixed broadband users worldwide, with over 50% of users already using FTTH. PON is an important system for providing high-speed internet, and its technology greatly reduces the cost of network construction and maintenance compared to traditional networks, with its usage continuing to rise. At this year’s FTTH exhibition, ATOP also showcased PON series products, including GPON OLT, XGS PON OLT, XG COMBO PON OLT, XGS COMBO PON OLT, GPON ONU, and XGS PON ONU etc. As an important component of broadband access network architecture, they play a crucial role in providing users with high-speed data and video services, providing on-demand network construction advantages based on specific network requirements, helping customers reduce network construction and maintenance costs, and building green networks that are energy-efficient and reduce emissions. The following diagram can give you a quick understanding of the application of ATOP’s PON modules in broadband access network architecture.

ATOP Singapore Grand Opening

In June, ATOP Singapore opened grandly, accelerating its global layout and the Asia-Pacific focus.

First Digital Factory as a Benchmark

In September, ATOP and Tencent Cloud strategic cooperation of the first digital factory as a benchmark project released, empowering the intelligent manufacturing of optical modules. The quality and capacity leap greatly and the annual output exceeded 1.6 million.

Chapter2: New Products Milestones

ATOP successfully launched 800G, 400G and LPO series products for data centers, and developed new products of Silicon Photonics products to help release the extreme arithmetic power in the AIGC era.

Single-wavelength 112G Multi-mode/Single-mode Products Launch

LPO Series Products Launch

Silicon Photonics Products in Development

To be launched in 2024

400G QSFP-DD DR4 (SiPh)

400G OSFP DR4 (SiPh)

400G QSFP112 DR4 (SiPh)

Highlight Products

Data Center Products

The 400G QSFP-DD SR8 low-power optical module, which ATOP has strategically cooperated with Airoha Technology (a subsidiary of MediaTek, the world’s TOP 10 semiconductor manufacturer), has successfully passed the test of first-tier Internet companies and won the 10th ICC “Innovation Breakthrough Award” for its advantages in technological solution innovation, low power consumption and high reliability.

Broadband Access Products

10G PON products passed Tier 1 equipment vendors’ tests, and GPON OLTs were shipped in bulk to international Tier 1 customers.

Wireless Products

Tunable DWDM products passed Tier 1 equipment vendor testing.

Chapter 3: Increased International Industrial Impact

Presentations on the Frontiers of Broadband and Wireless Technologies

Dr. Toshi K. Uchida, Chief Scientist of ATOP, was invited to participate in the FTTH Conference and the forum of Adtran, a global technology partner, to share ATOP’s cutting-edge technologies in broadband and wireless communications respectively.

FTTH Conference Presentation:25G/50G PON

Adtran Forum Presentation:Smart Tunable Optics

Global Exhibitions and Branding

Participation in 15 global exhibition activities, covering North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific to seize market opportunities

Joint-Development of International Industry Standards

Join CCSA, FTTH Council Europe, IPEC, OIF, SmartTunable MSA, WBBA and other international organizations to participate in the development of industry standards and enhance international influence.

Looking forward to the future, ATOP will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and meet new challenges and opportunities. In 2024, ATOP will seize the opportunities brought by the rapid development of technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, and big data, deepen cooperation with Tier 1 Internet data centers, continuously improve product quality and service levels, and meet the diverse and customized needs of customers. At the same time, ATOP will continue to strengthen technological research and product innovation, jointly promote the development of 1.6T optical modules and 2.0T CPO products with upstream and downstream industries, strengthen vertical integration, work closely with strategic partners, and make full preparations for the bulk delivery of 400G and 800G series including silicon photonics products, providing a solid and reliable guarantee for the new infrastructure of computing power in the era of AI. Together with the team, partners and customers, ATOP is committed to create a better future for optical communication! 

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