ATOP's Chief Scientist Shared Next-Generation PON Technology at FTTH Conference 2023

The annual FTTH Conference, the most important professional conference in the field of optical access in Europe, was held in Madrid, Spain from April 18th to 20th. The conference brought together industry leaders from around the world, attracting more than 150 corporate executives, industry experts, and more than 120 major participants in the fiber optic ecosystem to share their experiences in building FTTH networks and explore the development trends and opportunities of FTTH.

Dr. Toshi K. Uchida, Chief Scientist of ATOP, indicated the latest technology, viewpoints, and experience on the future PON optical module with industry experts and made a presentation with the theme of “Next Generation PON”. In his speech, Dr. Uchida shared several key points, including that most service and system providers are choosing 50G PON as the next generation PON, although some may still use 25G. He also pointed out that most components of 50G and 25G PON systems are the same, with the key equipment being DSP. The cost of 50G/25G PON is similar to that of 25G/25G PON, as they can share similar optical devices. Finally, Dr. Uchida discussed the possibility of coherent PON as the next technology after 50G. As a leading manufacturer of optical transceivers and devices in the industry, ATOP is fully prepared for both 25G PON and 50G PON.

There are over 1.3 billion fixed broadband users worldwide, with over 50% of users already using FTTH. PON is an important system for providing high-speed internet, and its technology greatly reduces the cost of network construction and maintenance compared to traditional networks, with its usage continuing to rise. At this year’s FTTH exhibition, ATOP also showcased PON series products, including GPON OLT, XGS PON OLT, XG COMBO PON OLT, XGS COMBO PON OLT, GPON ONU, and XGS PON ONU etc. As an important component of broadband access network architecture, they play a crucial role in providing users with high-speed data and video services, providing on-demand network construction advantages based on specific network requirements, helping customers reduce network construction and maintenance costs, and building green networks that are energy-efficient and reduce emissions. The following diagram can give you a quick understanding of the application of ATOP’s PON modules in broadband access network architecture.

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