ATOP Officially Launched the Brand - New Company’s LOGO

SDGI’s acquisition provides ATOP with the opportunity to remain competitive by bringing funding guarantees and various resources that will enable ATOP not only to meet the cost reduction challenges but to reduce potential bottlenecks and risks in the later development to become a global leader.

To achieve this goal, ATOP developed a new brand identity and a new way of communicating on all platforms which was officially revealed on January 8th, 2020. With the new brand strategy, ATOP is on its way to achieve a stronger market position and a more interactive way of communicating with both existing and potential clients.

What does the new “ATOP” represent?

The brand mark is a symbol of ATOP’s identity and is an important signal to the market about who we are and what we do. The letter “O” describes a circle — a universal symbol with extensive meaning. It represents the notions of totality, wholeness, original perfection and is one of the oldest and most powerful symbols.

Symbolizing the ongoing initiation and continuation of things – nothing is static. The circle also represents a 360-degree view, looking outward from all angles and taking input from all directions. The rounded shape tends to send a positive emotional message of harmony and protection. The circle is often used in symbolism to represent unity, commitment, love or community.


The modification of the “O”

  • A movement from left to right in Western philosophy means moving forward. Thus, ATOP’s “O” modification signals the momentum of moving forward for the company, its solutions, engagement and partnerships.
  • A symbolic translation of binary language – zeroes and ones. Imagine moving the small “square” in and out of the circle, describing “connect” (in the circle) and ”disconnect” (out of the circle).

  • Solving a basic paradox: Describing a square from a circle. Only companies with an imaginative mindset can do so. Companies like these are some of the most attractive partners to work with because they can identify solutions that otherwise would not be possible. The modification has “yin and yang” symbolism which denotes the two sides of transceiving and balance.

Additionally, we put forward a new corporate slogan: “let’s make it personal”, which highlights the core concept of ATOP’s customer orientation. It reflects our professional attitude to provide customers with unique and personalized services to create perfect solutions for each customer as well as helping customers stand out from the competition. 

Listening to what others think and serving what others need is not only our attitude towards customers but also our attitude towards everyone at ATOP. We help each employee customize a career path that is most suitable for self-development. Through the progress of the enterprise, we can promote improvement of the employees’ own qualities, so that everyone can reach their full potential at ATOP.

ATOP’s brand new logo not only represents our new image, but also reflects a progressive attitude towards customers and the optical communication industry. Our ATOP team thank you for your support. Our slogan, “let’s make it personal”, means we will work with our customers and partners to create and offer greater value with our fresh look and renewed enthusiasm.

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